About Social Responsibility

At CIG, a core value we hold is working together to create a better world. Together, we contribute collective and individual power to positively impact our communities, and we believe this is an essential component to success – in business and in life.

CIG encourages our associates to support their communities through a multitude of charitable opportunities including:


CIG’s matching gift program provides a dollar-for-dollar match for qualifying charitable donations made by our associates. This matching program doubles the financial impact and reinforces our associate’s charitable choices.

Our associates frequently commit their time and talent to community development activities and nonprofit services. We honor this commitment through the CIG volunteer service program which provides a financial contribution directly to organizations when 25 or more hours of volunteering occurs in a calendar year.

Especially during the holiday season, CIG can be found collecting toys, school supplies, and clothing for community members in need. Sometimes, we are even able to deliver the items ourselves, making the act of giving even sweeter when we can see the smiling faces of the children and families we are helping.