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June 7, 2016

Thursday Tastings

tasting-thursday-2Consolidated Investment Group’s Private Equity Division identifies great companies in the CPG space for investment opportunities. In doing so, we don’t only look at the company’s performance when we evaluate it, we actually try the product and make sure it passes our requirements. Every time a member of the Private Equity team tries a product, he or she makes sure the product looks good, tastes good, smells good, and the structure of the product is right. It’s very important to cook everything correctly. And, sometimes cooking instructions do not work well in Denver’s high altitude! After initial taste tasting, if we decide to invest in the company, we check the quality of the product every week. That’s right – every single week!

Funky Chunky, one of our companies, is one of the employee’s favorite. It’s very easy to sample and it’s always at the highest level of quality.

When we buy a food company, we want to ensure the product is always getting better, and we always want to ensure new products that are launched are of top quality. In order to do so, every Thursday at noon, CIG’s Private Equity team cooks different samples to ensure the highest quality food production for our managed companies. The team spends hours testing, smelling, and discussing ideas to improve the quality of the products. Our CEO, David Merage, even takes his turn cooking.

If for some reason the product doesn’t reach our standards, we make sure to give suggestions on what could be done better. The team of professionals at CIG always has great ideas that can help in the future manufacturing of the products. After that, we send our suggestions to our managed companies and we try the product the next Thursday again. If the product tastes good this time after the improvements are made, you will see it on the shelves of your local store.

David Merage and the Private Equity team invite all CIG associates to participate in the taste testing to get a variety of perspectives and ideas. It’s a Thursday highlight at CIG for sure!tasting-thursday


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